Kristen Stewart Skewered by Robert Pattinson Fans in Balenciaga Live Chat Questions

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Kristen Stewart is putting herself directly in the line of fire of Robert Pattinson fans next week during a 30-minute live chat. The chat is supposed to be about the Balenciaga perfume, Florabotanica. She is the spokesmodel for the new fragrance. Did the folks at Balenciaga get hit in the head?

Hello, she is not exactly one of the most liked women in the world right now. Sure, she has a lot of fans who are excited to see her moving past that whole nasty cheating business, but there are a LOT of Rob fans who are just waiting for the chance to sink their claws in. In fact, some are not even waiting and are already taking digs at the actress.

Fans have been invited to send in their questions for Kristen, prior to the actual live chat. Aha, they are not quite so dumb after all. Mean-spirited haters are not waiting for the chance to get their digs in and have already been slamming Kristen. Obviously, they know their question are not going to get chosen, but this is just an opportunity for them to give their two cents. Isn’t it about time everybody gets over it?

One person wrote, “Does Rupert like this smell on you?” Oh, low blow! Another wrote, “Do you love Robert? Or do you cheat Robert???”

It isn’t just Robert Pattinson questions that are being asked, Rachel from Ireland asks, “Hi Kristen. I’m just wondering if you had a daughter, would you think it appropriate for her to film a threesome scene and lie around naked like you did in On the Road at only 20 years old?”

Thankfully, there are more appropriate questions and even a few positive messages for the girl who has endured so much public hate.

Dan from the US writes, “Hi Kristen. Do you realize that there is more positive energy and love directed towards you than all the negative. Every hater is cancelled out by those of us that adore you. Do you know this?”

Hopefully, Dan’s message gives Kristen Stewart the courage to keep her chin up and keep on moving forward. Let the haters hate.

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