Kristen Stewart Talks About Just Wanting Something in Her Mouth

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Kristen Stewart made a statement that she instantly regretted while talking to Conan O’Brien.

Here’s the line the actress uttered:

“I just wanted something in my mouth.”

Luckily Conan’s question preceding that comment wasn’t this: “Why did you cheat on Robert Pattinson with Rupert Sanders?”

In fact, the Twilight star was actually talking about making a healthy change in her life when she made the dirty-sounding statement — she and Conan were talking about why she decided to quit smoking. According to The Huffington Post, here’s what she said about her oral fixation:

“I was a bit of a faker, a circumstantial smoker.”

She then went on to explain, “I just feel like I wasn’t addicted to nicotine. I just wanted something in my mouth.”

It probably wasn’t very responsible of Kristen Stewart to tell her fans that it’s possible to smoke without getting addicted to nicotine — they might start smoking thinking that they can also drop the habit easily, but sometimes quitting can be extremely difficult. But at least Kristen said that she made the decision to quit. After all, Twilight fans do want her and Robert Pattinson to sparkle together forever (and smoking can really dull the complexion).

It’s obvious that Kristen realized that her comment sounded sexual before she even spit it out, and she followed it up by saying, “Why did I do that?”

Luckily for Kristen, her oral fixation isn’t evident in any of the photos that were published of her cheating on Rob with Rupert Sanders.

Perhaps K-Stew likes to have things in her mouth because it’s an excuse to avoid talking — she gets extremely awkward whenever she’s required to talk.

You can check out Kristen’s unfortunate turn of phrase below. She starts talking about smoking at the 6:20 mark, and she also says that she loves the internet even though it’s loaded with crazy rumors about her.

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