Kristen Stewart Talks Physical Brutality of ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’

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Kristen Stewart dished recently on the physical brutality she and Snow White and the Huntsman co-star Charlize Theron experienced on the movie set. And while some of the blows were painful, the two actors stayed in their zone.

According to a report from, Stewart was asked in a recent interview about her feelings on playing the film’s heroine.

“Getting the crap kicked out of me by Charlize [Theron]? It’s been good. She’s not afraid to take a hit. And she keeps telling me to hit her harder. We’re similar in that we shut off when the cameras start rolling,” she said.

A far cry from her role as Bella Swan in the Twilight series of films, where she played opposite her real-life boyfriend Robert Pattinson, Kristen says this role required a lot more of her.

“It’s definitely the most action I’ve ever had to do,” she said.

Kristen Stewart also likes the kind of heroine that this very different version of Snow White portrays.

“She’s the essential leader. The definition of a hero… so many of our heroes are assholes. They find pleasure in hurting people. She doesn’t. Yet she can seriously take care of business.”

And it sounds like plenty of business was taken care of on the set when the film was still in production. Stewart talks of one day when Charlize Theron hit the Snow White stunt double really hard. She claims she and Theron would both going into their ‘zone.’

“We both go into a zone and it gets fairly dangerous,” Kristen adds.

It will be fun to see the Twilight actor in this most unusual role, as she fights her way as a princess warrior to prove she is the fairest of them all.

Doesn’t this sound like the perfect role for Stewart? Even though she perfectly portrayed Bella Swan, this role sounds like it’s far more in tune with Kristen’s own persona.

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