Kristen Stewart Talks Steamy ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2′ Sex Scenes

Kristen Stewart is out currently promoting her next release, Snow White and the Huntsman, but that doesn’t stop the questions coming for her other upcoming release, Breaking Dawn Part 2, and she is more than willing to talk about it – especially those steamy details about the sex scenes in the film.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 is the end of the Twilight Saga, but it is just the beginning of Bella’s journey as a vampire. Things will change for Bella and Edward a great deal once Bella Swan does go vamp in the final film, and Stewart had no problem sharing about the big change. She said the following in a recent interview, according to The Stir:

“It’s a funny thing. As soon as [Bella] becomes a vampire, [she and Edward] kind of ignore their duties instantly. They just wanna bone. It’s the most ridiculous thing. Really? You just had a child. Really?! [It’s like] ‘Yeah, but this feels so good! I’m so sparkly!'”

This is far different from these two in earlier films. Edward didn’t even want to sleep with her until they married, and even then he was worried about hurting her while she was still in human form. Sounds like all bets will be off once she is a vampire. These two will have the rest of their lives to have a lot of hot vampire sex.

Are you ready to see Kristen Stewart as Bella finally transition into a vampire to end the Twilight Saga on the big screen?

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