Kristen Stewart the Envy of Her Hot ‘On The Road’ Co-Star?

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Kristen Stewart may be the envy of many—perhaps now less so since dealing with the cheating scandal that’s thrown her personal and professional life for a loop. But, as one of Hollywood’s hottest young actresses, the 22-year-old Stewart probably still inspires many up-and-coming stars with her big-screen success. (And she no doubt causes many other fans to turn green with her main squeeze, boyfriend Robert Pattinson, who has reportedly reconciled with her for now.)

File:Kristen Stewart 4, 2012.jpgBut Stewart’s life in the fame lane isn’t impressing one of her hot co-stars in her new movie, On The Road—well, except when it comes to one little perk. British actor Sam Riley recently admitted, “I wouldn’t really want to swap lives with her in any other aspect apart from how quickly you can go through airport security,” Riley said, as Hollywood Life reports. “They let you off the plane first and then they usher you straight through, straight into VIP.”

Riley may be jealous of the speedy security sessions and the VIP status at the airport (who wouldn’t want that?!), but with that special treatment comes constant paparazzi attention and fan-demonium—something Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have typically endeavored to escape as much as possible. After all, pre-cheating scandal, they always kept their romantic relationship and personal lives under wraps as much as possible, and continue to more or less do so now.

And it seems Riley wants none of that intensely elevated level of attention; he gets enough, as it is. Still, many others may want to trade places with Stewart, at least for a day. But after strapping on her red-carpet stilettos (or Converse sneakers, as the case may be), they may want to return quickly to their own pairs. Or maybe not…

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