Kristen Stewart to Hollywood: ‘Please May I Have a Job?’

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Kristen Stewart hasn’t really done anything major since her film Snow White and the Huntsman hit theaters. Now that Breaking Dawn 2 is over as well, the dark haired beauty is looking for work. According to the lady herself, she’s “itching” to do just that, which is good news for her fans. However, so far, Tinsel Town isn’t responding.

Some producers and directors may be leery of hiring Stewart because of all the baggage that comes along with her. Others could hesitate because her acting range seems limited. But is it or has Kristen just been dealing with parts that call for her to act the way she has. No one seems to know the answer to that.

Perhaps the actress just needs a change of direction. A silly romantic comedy might be just the ticket for Kristen to prove her acting chops. Stewart’s pretty much stuck to dramas so far but they may be limiting her job possibilities. It’s time for her to break out of the mold.

For now, however, Kristen is just enjoying all the hubbub that is Breaking Dawn 2. It’s a chance for her to get her name back into the mix so that producers and directors will give her a try. Plus, it’s got to be fun being so adored by Twilight fans.

“I am trying to take in every single one of these moments,” she said. “I don’t want to miss one.” Who can blame her? It’s a lot better than being hated like she was shortly after the news broke about her cheating on boyfriend, Robert Pattinson. It was a tough time and she handled it with grace. Now it’s time for Kristen Stewart to get back to work.

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