Kristen Stewart Told to ‘Go to Hell,’ Then Parties With RPatz’s BFF

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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson may be attempting to reconcile, but apparently fans aren’t as forgiving as the sexy Twilight hunk is when it comes to cheating.

K-Stew held her first live interview recently via webcam and it appears that fans weren’t all too pleased that the cheating actress decided to end the chat early.

While it’s clear that fans want answers as to why Kristen thought it would be OK to kiss another man while with Robert Pattinson, the anger of them is probably scaring Kristen away.

Comments such as “go to hell” aren’t going to make her want to discuss it any more than she already has, either.

Luckily, Kristen Stewart had the chance to let off some steam with Rob’s BFF Marcus Foster at Katy Perry’s birthday party. Although everyone else was dressed in costume, it appears that K-Stew felt like sulking and came in her normal, grungy looking clothes.

Do you think fans have gone too far and should just forgive and forget at this point?

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