Kristen Stewart Totally Unconventional and Not Pretty? Would Robert Pattinson Agree?

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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson rank pretty highly on the hot meter both for their looks and for their successful acting careers. Now that they’re supposedly reconciled since Stewart’s moment of straying, they can continue topping the charts as one of Hollywood’s hottest couples, too. But Stewart is nothing if not unconventional—from her tomboy aesthetic to her red-carpet Converse sneakers, her sometimes rebellious attitude and even her big-time cheating blunder. However, is her physical beauty outside-the-box, too?

Patti Smith thinks so. “I remember the very first time I saw Stewart and Pattinson together, when they were younger, and I thought, ‘Those two kids could have easily played us when they were first starting,” the punk-rock singer recently said, as Hollywood Life reports. “There’s something in [Pattinson’s] eyes. And Robert [Mapplethorpe] was also a bit shy, and a bit stoic. Kristen has a very special quality. She’s not conventionally beautiful, but very charismatic.”

File:Kristen Stewart TIFF 2, 2012.jpgIt’s true. Stewart really isn’t the standard definition of “girl-next-door” cute or model pretty. But that’s precisely what makes her so attractive and interesting. She can easily transition from a vampire in Breaking Dawn to a warrior-princess Snow White to a sophisticated screen queen on the red carpet to an uber-fashionista-like Vogue cover girl.

Likewise, Pattinson perhaps isn’t conventionally handsome. Rather, he has that sort of scruffy, heart-throb edge, complete with the endearing British accent, that has captured attention everywhere and that has firmly placed many fans in the “Team Robert” category.

And it may be Kristen Stewart’s unconventional beauty that really attracted Robert Pattinson to her during their first days on the Twilight set. Of course, his favorite look for his maybe on-again girlfriend could be the jeans and T-shirt one—topped off with his baseball cap, natch.

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