Kristen Stewart vs. Jennifer Lawrence: Style Face-Off

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Kristen Stewart, as Bella Swan, has no sense of style at all. She wears old jeans and tees. It’s part of her characterization. And Kristen as herself, prefers tees and skinny jeans, vintage leather with sneakers. Just a bit grunge. But she can rock the red carpet when she chooses. Jennifer Lawrence, as Katniss Everdeen, favors the dark parka look, with high-tech exercise gear. She’s in training, after all. But as herself, Jennifer File:Kristen Stewart @ 2010 Academy Awards (cropped).jpgalso rocks designer duds. The thing is, the two actresses, both 21, have a very different sense of style. And a different air about the whole presentation, reports the Washington Post.

Much as fans love her, most admit Kristen Stewart looks most comfortable in her favorite casual clothing. She has no problem wearing skirts with sneakers when the occasion allows—specifically at her hand and foot ceremony at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. And she may carry her love of leather all the way to the runway, as in the red leather Balmain mini-dress, studded with metal, she flaunted at last year’s MTV Movie Awards. Edgy and daring, but a style of glam not every actress would want to follow.File:Jennifer Lawrence at the 83rd Academy Awards crop.jpg

Jennifer looks more regal—and less uncomfortable—than Kristen Stewart in full-length evening gowns. That is, when the cameras are rolling. But the Hunger Games actress recently announced on David Letterman, that she had tripped several times, walking red carpet events. Well, who doesn’t, wearing the shoes currently in style? Jennifer Lawrence favors gold fabric, especially from designers Prabal Gurung and Ralph Lauren. Sleek and body-hugging is her style, but short and mid-length dresses work, too. Jennifer always seems to look at home in her clothes.

Jennifer Lawrence vs. Kristen Stewart? They simply move in different directions. What fun would celebrity glamour be, if the stars all looked alike?

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