Kristen Stewart Wants Paparazzi to Freeze to Death!

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Kristen Stewart is not a fan of the paparazzi. The Twilight actress and her boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, have long been hounded by the pesky paps, and now she’s taking out her frustration on the men and women behind the cameras.

While going to lunch in Paris, where Stewart was busy doing a photo shoot for Vanity Fair, the actress spotted photographers following her, and snapping pictures during a lunch outing. Of course, Kristen is not known for being polite to the paparazzi, (She’s been photographed flipping them the bird on numerous occasions.) and told them just how she felt about their invasion of privacy.

“Are you cold? Freeze to death! Freeze to death!” Kristen Stewart reportedly chanted at the members of the media. KStew has spent the whole day in front of a camera, and likely just wanted a break. However, she was awfully rude about it!

Kristen Stewart has to realize that the paparazzi come with her job. If she didn’t want to act in high-profile roles she should have done theater. KStew chose to be a part of the entertainment industry, and she has to deal with the good, and bad, that come with it. Hey, at least she got Robert Pattinson out of the deal!

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