Kristen Stewart: Will Her Career Ruin Robert Pattinson Relationship?

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are without a doubt quite a Hollywood power couple with a “made-for-the-movies” relationship trajectory–from the beginning of their romance several years ago on The Twilight Saga set to the blockbuster status that series–and they themselves–achieved to the present day which, despite the occasional break-up rumors, still has Pattinson and Stewart going strong as boyfriend-girlfriend. However, now that those Twilight days are over, with filming ending awhile back and the final Breaking Dawn installment out later this year, some have questioned what’s next for the couple. One expert even thinks they could be facing a rocky relationship road. Oh no!

It’s not any long-distance factor or hot co-star that psychotherapist and best-selling author Rebecca Grado thinks might cause trouble in Robsten paradise. Rather, it’s Kristen Stewart’s career and her success! Grado thinks she’s the hotter star right now with her mainstream upcoming movie, Snow White and the Huntsman, while Robert Pattinson is pulling away from the limelight with indies like Cosmopolis.

“The question is, ‘Can love survive when a woman is more successful than a man,'” Grado said. “Many men feel emasculated by a woman’s success and begin resenting her for her accomplishments. It takes a secure person to celebrate and support their partner’s achievements…” It’s an interesting psychological perspective and one that relationship experts have long touted. But, against a backdrop of scads of screaming fans the world over, it’s hard to imagine the hunky Pattinson not as “successful” as Stewart, much less insecure about his star status. He seems far more grounded than that.

?That said, Grado did affirm to Hollywood Life, “Rob and Kristen’s relationship will not only survive, but flourish, if he stays grounded in his true value and remembers that he is so much more than the blockbuster hits he makes or the salary he earns. If he makes the mistake of defining himself by outer criteria, the relationship will suffer. But if he can be both emotionally supportive and genuinely happy for Kristin’s success and her moment in the spotlight, then the relationship will thrive.”

???File:Edward Bella.PNGIt seems Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have already proven they are pretty down-to-earth and don’t really “define” themselves by any sort of fame ratio. Pattinson has also seemed to be hyper-supportive of his main girl and even her exciting Snow White role. So, a split because of uneven success seems unlikely. Plus, the couple arguably keeps their relationship strong by keeping it secretive–they rarely speak of their personal romance and keep PDA to a minimum more often than not. It’s something perhaps some other celebrities might benefit from practicing!

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