Kristen Stewart Will Star in ‘Snow White and the Huntsman 2′

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Kristen Stewart’s life is certainly no fairytale since princesses don’t ever cheat on their princes. However, the actress will get to pretend that happily ever after is real once again by starring in Snow White and the Huntsman 2.

Even though the last movie ended with Charlize Theron’s evil queen character being killed, the script for a sequel has already been written. Maybe it will try to appeal to Twilight fans by focusing on a love triangle—Snow White could be forced to choose between her feelings for the huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) and her prince (Sam Claflin).

Right now there’s no word on if both of Kristen Stewart’s hunky costars will be returning to star in the movie, but Robert Pattinson will be relieved to know that director Rupert Sanders has been fired from directing Snow White and the Huntsman 2—the producers had to choose between Rupert and Kristen, and they went with the pick that would make them the most money.

Rupert Sanders and K-Stew are both attempting to work things out with the significant others that they cheated on, so it’s doubtful that they would have risked ruin their relationships by trying to work together again, anyway.

So Rupert didn’t just put a strain on his marriage by cheating with Kristen—he lost a very lucrative job.

Shortly after devastated K-Stew fans learned about her momentary indiscretion, rumors surfaced that the Snow White sequel would just focus on Chris Hemsworth’s huntsman character. So Kristen’s fans will be relieved to see that all’s right in the world again—she’s continuing to get high-paying jobs, and Robert Pattinson has seemingly forgiven her. However, you can bet that he’ll be paying close attention to whoever is brought in to replace Rupert.

Perhaps the producers should focus on finding a female director.

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