Kristen Stewart Wooed Back Robert Pattinson with Romantic Video

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Kristen Stewart resorted to one of the oldest tricks in the book to woo Robert Pattinson back. In the ’80s, you made a mix tape; in the ’90s, you made a romantic CD filled with a couple’s favorite songs; in the 2000s, it was an iPod play list and today, apparently, it is a video montage. Yep, Kristen won back Rob by taking the time to create a video montage of some of the couple’s happier times.

According to insiders, it was the video that finally got through to Rob. Immediately following the cheating revelation, he refused to answer her calls or texts. Kristen had to get crafty, but she clearly knows what makes Rob tick. A source reports, “She sent Robert the film after bombarding him with hundreds of texts, emails and answerphone messages.” She was definitely persistent and it obviously worked.

Kristen put a lot of thought and effort into her Win-back-Rob project, “It was a last-ditch attempt at getting him back, and she spent ages making the video montage using hundreds of photos and hours of home film footage of nights out and holidays.” It is highly unlikely the world will ever see it, but you can only imagine the fond memories the video stirred up. There are very few pictures of Rob and Kristen together off-screen, so you will definitely have to use your imagination.

The insider tries to give an idea of what the video looked like, “It was just like the Google ad as she cut-and-pasted lines from love poems to connect it all together.” Aw. That is probably one of the most romantic things ever. No wonder Robert Pattinson gave Kristen Stewart another chance.

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