Kristen Stewart’s Balenciaga Interview Angers Fans (Video)

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Kristen Stewart’s new Balenciaga video interview made a lot of people mad as hell. But why? Were they upset about something Robert Pattinson’s reportedly reconciled lady-love said? Were they simply outraged that she would dare do another interview without a giant scarlet letter tattooed on her forehead–or at least stitched to her Balenciaga gown? Or had they simply finally had enough of the Twilight heroine’s interminable twitching and fidgeting?

The answer is: None of the above. It seems the fans (and haters?) were upset because La Stewart’s interview only lasted a scant fifteen minutes instead of the originally promised half hour.

“When life gives you 30mins Krsten Stewart & you only use 15mins… you’re going to hell,” wrote an angry twihard. “Dude you were interviewing KRISTEN STEWART and you only used 15 minutes instead of 30?!” tweeted another. “WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!!!?!” “Oh we have 30min with Krsten Stewart…nevermind we’ll only need 15,” a third tweeted sarcastically. “SAID NO ONE EVER.” Ouch. Of course, all that ire raises even more questions. Did the angry tweeters get their panties in a twist because they longed for more time with their favorite starlet? Or were they hoping the interview would last long enough for La Stewart to commit a verbal faux pas as she has in the past. Or did they think more time would allow the interviewer to trick KStew into talking about RPattz, the Rupert Sanders cheating scandal, and the reconciliation?

What do you think? Note: You can watch KStew twitch and fidget on the video below.

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