Kristen Stewart’s Bodyguard Hotter Than Robert Pattinson?

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Kristen Stewart needs protection from all those adoring Twi-hard fans out there on the streets of L.A., and she found herself a really hunky guy to watch her back. And the rest of her, too. Everyone knows how much Kristen loves posing for fan pictures—not—so maybe she found a protector who is photogenic himself. Her bodyguard, in fact, even has his own fan page on Facebook, reports the Daily Beast. He could easily pass for a boyfriend, rather than a paid helper, but that might not set well with Robert Pattinson.

So K-Stew fans must be wondering—who is actually hotter, this hunk pictured in “Kristen Stewart’s Hot Body Guard” or her long-time beau Robert Pattinson?

Hot bodyguards seem to be a necessity, these days, for female celebs. No one wants to be accidentally pictured with some muscle-bound, un-cool guy in attendance. Rihanna has been pictured sitting bare-legged on the shoulders of her HBG, while the two enjoyed a concert together. She seemed to be nibbling some substance (controlled?) off the top of his shaved head. Was that in his job description?

Kristen Stewart, at least, has a good relationship with her HBG. Britney Spears got sued by hers, for a couple of alleged flashing incidents, and unwanted invitations of a personal nature. Seduction on the job was not his idea of overtime.

Kate Gosselin has a married bodyguard, but that hasn’t stopped what may have been PDAs on the job, now and then. Or does an arm around the boss, when there are no dangers in sight count?

Paparazzi have noticed Scarlett Johansson showering off with her gorgeous bodyguard, after a sunning session—her in a bikini and him in a Speedo. Sounds like all in a day’s work. But Robert Pattinson might just want to do a little more protecting of his own, now that he and Kristen Stewart will be seeing more of each other, promoting the final Breaking Dawn. November is coming.

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