Kristen Stewart’s Dirty Mouth Made Her a Bad Influence on Her Costar

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Kristen Stewart says that she needed a swear jar on the set of Breaking Dawn to keep her from saying naughty words in front of a young costar, but it doesn’t seem like it worked too well.

It might be a good thing if Kristen and Robert Pattinson wait awhile before they decide to get married and have a baby, because Kristen needs a little time to work on her “Tourette’s.”

The actress apparently had a very hard time not cursing like a sailor on the set of Breaking Dawn. According to Showbiz Spy, this is what she had to say about her excessive swearing: “I have, like, Tourette’s syndrome. I get so mad sometimes if I can’t get something. I have a child in Breaking Dawn and I constantly swear, so there is a swear jar on set that just I ended up paying into.”

Kristen Stewart gets to play a mom in Breaking Dawn, so she was probably swearing in front of Mackenzie Foy, the actress that plays her fast-growing daughter Renesmee. There’s no word on who the money in the swear jar went to, but perhaps it went towards getting Kristen some Orbitz to clean up her dirty mouth. Or perhaps Kristen tried to pay Mackenzie to not repeat any of the words she heard.

Kristen had this to say about her young costar’s response to her swearing: “Every single time she’d go, ‘I know what you just said!’ and I’d say, ‘No, you didn’t! You didn’t hear that!'” That poor girl’s parents are probably going to curse the day they let her spend time with Kristen Stewart.

So hopefully Robert Pattinson doesn’t mind having a very un-ladylike leading lady in his life. However, if the two of them do decide to get married and have a baby someday, he might have to make a swear jar for her himself. And hopefully by that time Kristen Stewart’s maternal instincts, which include a profanity filter, will have kicked in.

So what do you think of Kristen’s cursing? Is her dirty mouth proof that she’s not ready to become a mom?

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