Kristen Stewart’s Hollywood Exile: Fair or Biased?

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Kristen Stewart is getting a brutal lesson in Hollywood’s double-standards. Yes, Kristen cheated on Robert Pattinson. Rob and Kristen were dating for several years. They were not married. Her accomplice in the cheating scandal, Rupert Sanders, was a married man. Kristen has been raked over the coals since the affair came to light, and has been forced to hide. Rupert is walking the streets and going about his business like normal. Granted, he is a lesser-known celebrity figure, but why is his part in the scandal being ignored?

It was recently revealed Kristen was no longer attached to the film that brought her into contact with Rupert. Based on the wording from Universal, Kristen was essentially fired or in Hollywood terms, dropped. Add in the fact she suddenly quit the other film she was working on, despite training for it, and you have to wonder if she was pushed into quitting.

Kristen is 22 and will make mistakes. Everybody does. Why is she being blamed for the entire scandal? Maybe she was insecure and Rupert preyed on that fact. She may be a big star did have an equally famous boyfriend, but nobody really knew the inner dynamics of that relationship.

Take a little walk down memory lane and think about a few male celebrity cheaters. Brad Pitt is still making movies and doing well. Don’t even try to say he didn’t hookup with Angelina Jolie when he was married to Jennifer Aniston. Jude Law is a notorious cheater, but still making films. The list goes on.

How do female cheaters fare? Meg Ryan cheated on Dennis Quaid, with Russell Crowe. Russell is still acting, but how many movies has she been in lately? What about LeAnn Rimes? She cheated and is still being ostracized for it. Is Kristen Stewart getting a raw deal or does she deserve to be exiled from Hollywood?

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