Kristen Stewart’s Latest Love?

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For the past two years, Kristen Stewart’s life – particularly her love life – have been under the microscope. But one man who’s always been there for the Twilight star? Her 6-year-old cat, Max.

The 20-year-old star, who spends much of her time traveling the globe, recently told Oprah Winfrey that on a quiet Saturday night you could expect to find her hanging out with her fuzzy feline, nicknamed Jella-Man. “I’m obsessed with my cat,” she joked.

But is that necessarily a bad thing? “We have a really strong, really weird codependent, almost Bella/Edward relationship,” she jokingly tells PEOPLE. “I’m going to be a crazy cat lady one day, I’m sure.” Hey, no judgment here!

She does always say that when she’s not acting or on the red carpet, she’s just like anybody else. Maybe she is actually likeable.

Kristen Stewart

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