Kristen Stewart’s Male Costars Dish on Naked Threeway Sex Scenes

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Poor Kristen Stewart just can’t seem to keep her name out of discussions involving sex, nudity, and men who are not Robert Pattinson. In a recent interview, KStew’s On The Road co-stars, Sam Riley and Garret Hedlund, talked about their naked threesome sex scenes with Robert Pattinson’s lady. And speaking of RPattz, those were the same sex scenes that reportedly made the Twilight heart-throb jealous. But if Riley’s account of filming On The Road’s sexy scenes is accurate, then Rob had nothing to worry about. As far as Riley and Hedlund were concerned, sex with KStew was more onerous than exciting.

“It’s a strange thing… I was pretty uncomfortable,” Sam admitted. “She was 19; I was nearly 30, married… we’re mates. You just sort of do it as quickly as possible, unlike in real life. I don’t really see a future for me in erotics.”

Hmmm. Looks like Sam Riley won’t be joining the ever lengthening list of contenders for the titular role in Fifty Shades of Grey. Whatever.

If simulating sex with KStew was less than a turn-on, her costars nevertheless reported that the three of them bonded as BFFs during their rather unconventional experience. In fact, they spent a whole month cooped up together getting prepped before they even started filming.

“I think it was just being around each other for the four weeks before filming,” Garrett Hedlund explained. “We were all in the same room all day, every day. It was me and Sam and Kristen in this apartment with Walter [Salles, the director], listening to jazz, reading; it was one big study hall. Also, she’s not a hard one to get along with, either. She was so dedicated to this.

Cool, but how did Hedlund feel about those infamous threesome sex scenes with Kristen and Sam?

“We just got really drunk beforehand,” Garrett joked when asked about spending so much screen time naked with Kristen Stewart and Sam Riley. “Everybody asks, ‘Was it awkward being naked in front of Sam or Kristen?’ But they’re the least of the worries. It’s about the man with the mustache holding the sound boom. That’s more awkward.”

So, there you have it. Actually, it doesn’t sound very sexy at all. Maybe Rob should have lightened up and saved himself some grief.

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