Kristen Stewart’s Raunchy-Sounding Faux Pas at TIFF a Reminder of Cheating Scandal (Video)

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Poor Kristen Stewart. The so-called expert who said she should have skipped the On The Road première at the Toronto International Film Festival may have been right. Robert Pattinson’s excessively vilified ex put her foot in her mouth with a slip of the tongue that came off sounding sexual even though it wasn’t. Even worse, it reminded everyone of the Stewart/Sanders cheating scandal. So what was the mauvais mot that inadvertently exited KStew’s lips? She revealed in an interview that she likes “being crammed in a car.” Ouch.

Well, in all fairness to the KStew haters, it does have a sort of dirty, raunchy ring to it, doesn’t it? As if the word “crammed” was a slang term for…something else. What makes all this so unfortunate for the Breaking Dawn heroine is the fact that, as almost everyone on planet Earth now knows, Kristen got caught making out with her Snow White and the Huntsman director in a car. Oops.

Of course, the real question is: Did the wily interviewer set Kristen up? The answer is a resounding “yes.” And unfortunately Stewart not only took the bait, she embellished it.

As you can see on the video below, at about the 4:56 mark, the interviewer asks Kristen which she would prefer, “to be stuck on a plane or crammed in a car?” The interviewer was careful to justify the question by commenting on La Stewart’s hectic travel schedule. Furthermore, many of KStew’s On The Road scenes were shot in a car.

“Crammed in a car,” KStew replied nodding eagerly.

“Crammed in a car?” asked the interviewer, unnecessarily repeating the question.

“Oh, my gosh, yeah!” enthused Kristen nodding some more and rolling her eyes.

The reporter went on to ask Hedlund the same question. He too preferred being crammed in a car, although, needless to say, his admission didn’t have quite the same impact.

Perhaps the real question is why did Kristen Stewart fall so easily into the Canadian reporter’s trap? Was it fatigue, carelessness, clueless innocence, or a combination of all three? Or was it perhaps a depression-induced, guilt ridden desire for self sabotage? Perhaps even Kristen doesn’t know for sure.

Stay tuned.

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