Kristen Stewart’s Sexiest Movie Roles Ever–See Poll Results

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Kristen Stewart is one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women. Her sexual chemistry with her boyfriend and Twilight Saga co-star Robert Pattinson, is palpable both on and off the screen. However, KStew has had her share of “shockingly racy” moments in many of her other films as well. In fact, she seems to have no problem doffing her duds in front of the cameras if the role calls for it. And that’s perfectly OK. In fact, it’s very healthy. Recently Hollywood Life compiled a list of La Stewart’s sexiest film roles so far. So, turn up the air conditioning, KStew fans, and prepare to get hot and bothered.

Of course, when twihards think of Kristen Stewart sex scenes, the fabled honeymoon sex scene from Breaking Dawn Part One immediately pops into their heads. KStew’s Bella Swan Cullen losing her virginity to Robert Pattinson’s Edward on their wedding night in their luxurious Brazilian lovenest. The couple’s millions of fans worldwide probably fantasized that they were flies on the wall peeping at KStew and RPattz in their private moments. Or not. Female twihards probably just fantasized they were KStew. What more is there to say?

In the upcoming On The Road, Kristen takes on a very different role as a free-spirited, life-loving girl travelling with her two guy friends. Her topless (nude?) car trip with them gives a whole new meaning to the term “joy ride.”

Of course, anyone who saw The Runaways will never forget Kristen’s lesbian kiss with her real life BFF, Dakota Fanning. The same goes for her naked make-out session in a hallway with her boyfriend in Adventureland.

Of course, Kristen exudes such a strong sensual presence that she doesn’t have to engage in on-screen sexual antics to be sexy. A prime example is her performance in Into The Wild, where the then 17-year-old KStew spent a lot of time lounging around in her underwear.

So, there you have it. You can see photos from Stewart’s sexiest film roles by clicking here. Plus, you can check out Hollywood Life’s poll that asked respondents to choose Kristen Stewart’s sexiest role. Interestingly, Breaking Dawn–in which she plays a virgin in love with a vampire who is reluctant to have sex with her.

Go figure.

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