Kristen Stewart’s Sexy Sounding Verbal Faux Pas Reminds Fans of Cheating Scandal?

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Poor Kristen Stewart is just going to have to learn to watch her mouth, because she recently slipped and put her foot in it again. The Breaking Dawn star is going to have to learn to recognize and avoid anything even remotely resembling a double entendre. Otherwise, after her infamous cheating scandal with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders, even her perfectly innocent statements may be forever misconstrued as sexual. For example, Robert Pattinson’s allegedly reinstated lady-love recently talked about sliding down in cars. Oops.

Yes, La Stewart stupidly–er–carelessly revealed exactly why she likes to get down and “sit low in cars.” As those with unimpaired memories will no doubt recall, KStew was caught making out with Rupert Sanders on the front seat of her BMW. Actually, this is the second interview where Kristen has made a verbal faux pas that might be mistaken for a reference to vehicular sex. The first time occurred in a video interview when she admitted she preferred being “crammed in a car.” Ouch.

Just like that first slip of the tongue, the more recent faux pas had absolutely nothing to do with sex. Au contraire, it was all about dodging the paparazzi–something that Kristen no doubt wishes she and Sanders had been more adept at doing in July.

“It’s hard,” Kristen began inauspiciously. “I don’t want to give my secrets away, but you, like, sit low in cars. And then you go into an underground parking garage and get into another car and then you leave.”

Unlike the KStew’s previous car-cramming comment, her description of the paparazzi-ditching ploy doesn’t sound at all sexual–let alone raunchy. However, it might indeed remind readers of KStew’s indiscretion with Sanders and how it temporarily “broke” their Twilight idol’s heart.

So there you have it. What do you think?

Note to Kristen Stewart: It’s a sad fact of life, honey, loose lips don’t always sink ships, but they often set tongues to wagging.

Just saying.

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