Kristin Cavallari claims Jay Cutler faked injury!

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Kristin Cavallari claims that Jay Cutler faked his football injury last season! Evidently these two were well on their way to breaking up for months, since the fights that they used to have were pretty nasty!Kristin Cavallari

According to a neighbor, the two argued regularly, and Cavallari made sure that everyone heard their ugly words! “Kristin called Jay out, saying she thought he was faking the injury and told him he was worthless,” said the source, recalling one argument.

It sounds like these two were toxic together! Thank goodness they decided to end their engagement because this just doesn’t sound like good news. It seems like a lot of people are in a rush to get engaged because it’s exciting but sometimes you have to wake up and smell the coffee! Getting married doesn’t solve pre-existing problems—if anything, it creates more! Luckily these two are still young and they have plenty of time to find someone to not fight with!

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