Kristin Cavallari Predicts ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Winner

Kristin Cavallari is one of the contestants on the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars. While The Hills star obviously wants to win the mirrorball trophy for herself, Cavallari thinks she knows who will actually take it home. Her thoughts might surprise some people. She predicts former talk show queen, Ricki Lake, will win. Could she be right?

It’s possible. Lake has lost a great deal of weight since her earlier days on daytime TV. More than that, however, she’s gotten herself into great shape. Rumor also has it that she loves to dance. Put all of that together with a little natural-born talent and Kristin Cavallari could be right with her prediction.

Ricki Lake also has a secret weapon. She’s dancing with three-time Dancing with the Stars winner, Derek Hough. Of course it’s important not to count out Kristin either. She has Mark Ballas for a partner. Mark and Derek are among the best of the male professionals.

Kristin Cavallari is thankful that Ballas is the perfect partner for her. Mark is “very even-keeled and nice,” she says. However, she admits to being nervous. “Every time I think about the first show, I get kind of crazy” she says.

As in past years, rumors are already swirling that she and Mark have a thing off the dance floor too. “No, no that’s the last thing on my mind!” says Cavallari. “I’m scared of Pia,” she adds, referring to Mark’s girlfriend, American Idol’s Pia Toscano.

As to why Cavallari thinks Ricki Lake will win, her answer is simple. “I’ve seen her dance and she’s good.”

Ricki Lake may well be the dark horse of this season’s competition. Some people will expect the athletes to dominate. They might lead the pack, but ruling out Lake early in the game could be a major mistake. Just listen to her peers like Kristin Cavallari. There’s obviously something there.

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