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ADVENTURELAND opens today starring Jesse Eisenberg and Kristin Stewart.

ADVENTURELAND is a  new ‘teen’ comedy directed by SUPERBAD‘S Greg Mottola, but more importantly it stars Kristin Stewart. She is a rising star and someone to watch. At the tender age of 19, Ms Stewart is a veteran actor. She was Jodie Foster’s daughter in PANIC ROOM. She played the obnoxious, frozen older sister in ZATHURA and won raves reviews for her portrayal in Sean Penn’s INTO THE WILD. Of course anyone under a certain age will know she played Bella in the vampire romance movie TWILIGHT. Of all her performances that one was not best. She was vapid and nondescript. That may have be good for the non-discriminating tastes of ‘tween females, but it will hardly work for everybody else. Not withstanding that, Kristin Stewart is an attractive young woman who may even be a rarity, a child actor who makes the transition to adult actor.

ADVENTURELAND takes place in 1987 when a student caught between that odd nexus in life, the summer off from school, is compelled to find a job. Lacking any real skills, he finds himself working at his last resort job, in an amusement park. The cocoon of school is removed. He is placed in a strange world. Jesse Eisnberg plays the student and the film centers around his ADVENTURELAND experiences. There is a theme running through the film of boldness, adventure and new challenges.  The most profound one is his sweet romance with Em Lewin, Kristin Stewart. ADVENTURELAND is less a potty mouth teen comedy we’ve all come to love and despise. Although there is enough of those elements to satisfy most knuckleheads. This is s charmingly sweet coming of age film. Think of a John Hughes teen film of the 80s updated, smarter and funnier. 

As you watch ADVENTURELAND, you will see the strengths Kristin Stewart has as an actor.  The question is whether she can continue to develop the skills she has exhibited so far or will she slip into the comfortability TWILIGHT afforded her. Her next project may offer an answer. She will be playing rock ‘n roll female star Joan Jett. The hope is she will let loose her energy. If she plays it ‘coolÂ’ she will be settling. She needs to challenge herself. She needs to explore her craft. Hopefully she will do that. If she does, we will add a new name to the excellent actors in Hollywood. If not, we may she her on the next “What Ever Happened To…” cable TV show airing at 3:00 AM.

In the meantime, there is a lesson to be learned from watching ADVENTURELAND – never eat corn dogs.


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