KStew’s dad fired after George Lopez’s ‘Tonight’ pulled?

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Kristen Stewart’s dad was the stage manager for George Lopez’s Tonight show on TBS. Sadly, it was cancelled, and John Stewart’s future is uncertain.

The show appeared to be doing well, and was heading into a third season, but the rank and file regrettably decided against renewing the contract for a return.

When that happens, not only does the star or face of the show get a pink slip; the cast behind the scenes do as well.

“Papa Stew,” as he is affectionately called by his famous Twilight Saga daughter, Kristen Stewart, is among the unemployed now that George Lopez’s Tonight is being pulled off the air.

As a stage manager, he kept things moving along, and everything that was streamed into households was part of his world, the things he controlled.

The last hurrah will be on Thursday, and if George Lopez has anything to do with it, the ratings of this going away party will not be subject to scrutiny.

The good news is that Kristen Stewart’s dad has a famous daughter who makes a lot of money in Breaking Dawn. Perhaps it’s time she shared a little and allowed him to hit the golf course like Shaquille O’Neal.

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