Kyle Richards Confirms Adrienne Maloof’s Surrogacy

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Kyle Richards is one of Adrienne Maloof’s close friends on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and after her use of a surrogate was brought to light by co-star Brandi Glanville, Kyle has been extra protective of her and her secret. However, on tonight’s new episode, Kyle spills the beans about what exactly Adrienne was trying to keep under wraps.

In a new sneak peek, Kyle can be heard saying, “It’s not about the surrogacy!” Previous reports on the web had reported that Adrienne had used a surrogate for her three children, but Adrienne had yet to confirm or deny the reports. Now, she doesn’t have to. Kyle has confirmed what everyone had thought and once again raised the question: What is the big deal about using a surrogate?

Plenty of parents have used a surrogate, and it’s certainly nothing to be embarrassed by. Sure, it wasn’t Brandi’s place to tell the world, but she obviously had no idea that it would turn into such an ordeal.

While Adrienne has stayed mum about the issue, she has a very valid reason. According to her, she’s still in a custody battle with Paul and isn’t allowed to discuss her kids publicly. Once that’s over, fans will get to hear more from her.

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