Kyle Richards & Lisa Vanderpump: The Feud Is Alive

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Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump use to be close but after a tense season 3, they seemed to have fallen apart. Last night, the reunion special aired and the divide between Kyle and Lisa was clear. Will these two ever be friends again? It’s not looking that way.

“We haven’t spoken since it was taped,” Kyle confirms to In Touch. During part one of the reunion which aired last night, Lisa accused Kyle of taking Adrienne’s side only to ensure that her husband Mauricio would get the listing for Adrienne and Paul’s former Beverly Hills mansion. “For her to say that is ridiculous. It was a low blow.” Mauricio is a highly respected and successful real estate agent and recently opened up his own firm so it’s unlikely that Kyle would have to be pulling any strings for him or manipulating any of her friends. He appears to be doing just fine on his own.

In Kyle’s opinion, their feud stems from the season 2 reunion in which Adrienne accused Lisa of selling stories to the tabloids. At the time, Lisa was expecting Kyle to stand up for her but it didn’t happen. “Lisa has never let go of the fact that I didn’t defend her on the reunion last year,” Kyle explains. “I’m still being punished one year later for not jumping in.”

Lisa, on the other hand, tells a different story. “I don’t consider Kyle to be a loyal and supportive friend,” she says. “She had a passive-aggressive stance against me all season. Last year I was blindsided during the reunion so this time I was there to be on the offensive.” It’s a shame that things have gone downhill for these two but that’s life. Things aren’t always perfect and friendships evolve.

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