Kyleigh’s Story – Head Injury and Now Fever

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I feel so horrible and helpless now.  Kyleigh tripped on Daddy’s keyboard on the floor this afternoon, and fell face down directly towards the coffee table.  She hit the table hard on her forehead, and as she slid onto the ground, the corner of her eye also got cut by the table. She was bleeding and there was a huge patch of bruise on her eye.  I was freaking out.  I talked to the nurse and the doctor, but they said Kyleigh should be ok and no stitches were needed. My husband also called his family to get their opinion, and they all said Kyleigh should be ok.  Kyleigh was a little less active but we thought it was reasonable because she just came back from the gym class and a photo shot and lunch, which were quite a bit activities for her.  I kept asking her if she was dizzy or anywhere else hurt, but she said no.

I was just getting dinner ready, and she fell asleep on the couch in the living room. We decided to keep her down here so we could keep watching her. She started to have a fever just about midnight, and it was around 103 F.  Since then, she had some water and some nutritional drinks.

I don’t know if the fever has anything to do with the head injury, or maybe just the same timing because my husband has been sick for days. Or maybe she has a kidney infection again.  I am just so frustrated that there’s always something wrong on the weekends. 

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