Kyleigh's Story – the Arrival (Part 3)

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Previously on the Arrival (Part 2)

Since I was the only patient in the delivery area, the other midwives also came into my room to cheer me up. At first I enjoyed the attention, but it didn’t take long for the distractions to come up. It turned out that the staff routed the phone calls into my delivery room, so the midwives could answer them. So, there I was, pushing and yelling, and a midwife was answering several phone calls from other patients right next to my bed! I was too tired to say anything, but I was really annoyed. My husband finally said to the midwife, “You know, if you want, I can answer the next phone call for you!”

To make a long (and painful) story short, Kyleigh’s head finally came out! My mom said the midwife simply dragged the rest of her body out, and put her on my chest. I had imagined that a new born baby would be bloody and slimy, but she was surprisingly clean, and maybe even dry. I wish I had paid more attention to her little details, but then I was so exhausted that I could not concentrate. I was not sure if she was crying, but I did notice that she opened her tiny eyes and looked at me.

After my husband cut the umbilical cord, Kyleigh was moved to the table under the heat lamp. The nurse laughed because Kyleigh peed on the table. In the meantime, the midwife had to get my placenta and other stuff out. This process was almost as painful as the pushing process, and I had unreasonable large amount of bleeding. It turned out I had a wound inside, which I had no idea how it got there. So the blood was pouring out, and I could feel a warm gush. The midwife had to stitch me up.

A nurse assisted me to get out of bed, while my husband followed another nurse to clean Kyleigh up in the nursery. She was sent back to me shortly before we were moved to the recovery room.

So, that’s the story of the arrival of my precious little girl, Kyleigh, at 5:46 PM, December 30, 2006.

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