Kyleigh’s Story – “Wizard of Oz” Dream and Drawing

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1/3/2012 Kyleigh woke up and told me she had a dream. Well, recently she became very fond of the Wizard of Oz. She either sings the song non-stop, or watches the movie and/or TV cartoon show non-stop.

So, she dreamed (from a third-person perspective) the characters from the Wizard of Oz – Dorothy, the Scare Crow, the Tin Man, the Lion, the dog Toto, and a new friend – a beautiful princess, Prienna, in a peach color long puffy skirt. They were walking and a big wild wolf jumped out from the forest. The big wolf had eaten a lot of small animals in the woods, but he was still hungry. He wanted to eat one more animal before he could feel full. Princess Prienna held up Toto in her arms, but Toto was so scared of the big wild wolf so he jumped down and ran away. The big wild wolf chased after Toto into the woods. Dorothy, Tin Man, Scare Crow, Lion, and Princess Prienna all waited for Toto to return. They waited for a very long time, and Toto still didn’t come back. So Tin Man ran after them and found the wolf and Toto. The Tin Man used his axe and cut the big wolf in half, and saved Toto. Finally, Toto was rescued and returned to Dorothy. It had been a very long time since Toto was gone.

Illustrated below was Princess Prienna. Kyleigh said she made a mistake because her skirt did not have the 3 vertical stripes.


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