Kyra Sedgwick has Brenda Leigh Johnson to Thank for ‘The Closer’ Exit

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Nobody but Kyra Sedgwick could have played top cop Brenda Leigh Johnson to such perfection on The Closer, and now it all comes to a final end as the popular television series wraps up its final season this year.

The talented actress says it was as hard for her to walk away from the Georgia-born character she portrayed as it is for her fans to watch her do it. Kevin Bacon’s wife also says there are so many things to miss about the role that saved them after the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme failure, according to On the Red Carpet.


One of those is the fact that her cast mates since 2005 will no longer be surrounding her—or maybe even working as a result of the dissolution of the TNT show. And that is one of the main things that made her spend a year debating on whether to quit or not, she said.

Like Brenda Leigh, her alter ego, Sedgwick hated to hold the economic and professional futures of others in her hand due to her decision, since she is the star of the police drama. And it was probably also an issue for her that she now stood in the same place Madoff stood when he held her and her acting husband’s financial future in his hands.

Of course the situation was nothing alike, with Madoff holding the actresses family’s financial fortune in his investment hands, while the television acting star was really no more responsible for her fellow show co-workers than the sound and technical staff who work alongside them each week.

Yet, in keeping with her southern character of the past seven years, Sedgwick was torn between loyalty to the cast and loyalty to her family and what would be best for them, as well as her own personal and professional growth needs.

In the end it was a decision that Brenda Leigh Johnson would have made herself: doing what was best for everybody. And that’s why Kyra Sedgwick was so great at being The Closer.

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