Kyrielle: Mindful Poetry Contest #19 MP2013; Genre Creatives Challenge NGCC: Humor

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The Problem With the Multiple Universe Theory

Somewhere Elvis Presley’s still alive

Kenn’dy took the oath in ’Sixty-five

C’lumbus never sailed the bounding main

Somewhere in a parallel plane

Hitler won the war and ruled the world

Judy’s male and Mickey is a girl

Crosby starred in Singing In The Rain

Somewhere in a parallel plane

In this life, my plans all go awry

Bad luck beats down everything I try

Am I master of my own domain

Somewhere in a parallel plane?

If this universe I’m living in

Is but one of billions full of sin

Did Jesus return to earth again

Somewhere in a parallel plane?

What’s it say about my DNA

If my hair is thin and mostly gray

When I sport a gorgeous auburn mane

Somewhere in a parallel plane?

If I were a genius in my time,

Left a legacy for all mankind,

What good is it if I’m half insane

Somewhere in a parallel plane?

If I do everything that I ought

Would I live a righteous life for naught

If I’m nothing but a cause for shame

Somewhere in a parallel plane?

Why not be a scoundrel and a thief

Why not live a life of disbelief

If my alter ego is a saint

Somewhere in a parallel plane?

Nothing matters if what all I do

Is reversed in Membrane Number Two

If what’s good’s a random number game

Somewhere in a parallel plane.

Multiverses sabotage compliance

Small wonder the Catholic Church hates science

When the Pope lives in a slum in Maine

Somewhere in a parallel plane!


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