LA Anti-piracy Raid Nabs $4-M in Counterfeit Goods

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The recent anti-piracy raid in Los Angeles managed to nab over $4-million in counterfeit goods! Amazingly, this is being called the largest of its kind for the LA area. There were only 10 arrests made, but a slew of counterfeit goods, such as DVDs and accessories were confiscated.

Actually, the anti-piracy raid was a series of raids which began sometime in November and continued until Monday. Not surprisingly, the majority of the raids occurred at Santee Alley which is located in LA’s “fashion” district. This district is long known to customers as the spot to go for counterfeit products.

Seriously, if you’ve never been there, just image a bazaar of sorts. It’s basically an open air “mall” which is made of several flea market-type shops with amazing deals (three pairs of colored contacts for only $20, but beware of going blind)!

Anyway, officers stated criminal gangs were backing most of the counterfeit operations. Hmm, there goes several Gucci purses spelled GUCCU. Oh, well, the real question should be why are high end merchandisers selling their products for such extreme amounts that consumers are forced to buy GUCCU! What lady doesnÂ’t want a Gucci? Eh, whatever. In the end, some bad guys went away, and the cops are rightfully proud of themselves. Good for them.


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