LA Clippers Trade Rumors: Eric Bledsoe Trade Shot Down?

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LA Clippers trade rumors about a possible Eric Bledsoe trade seem to have been shot down by Marc Stein. That’s a good sign, as the team needs to keep someone as talented as Chris Paul ready to take over should the team suffer an injury at some point.

According to Stein, “Sources briefed on L.A.’s thinking insist that the Clippers don’t want to even begin to contemplate the idea of trading Bledsoe until they know that Chris Paul is signed and sealed for the long term. So don’t expect Bledsoe to be in play before the Feb. 21 trade deadline.”

That all makes sense, especially because Bledsoe is arguably the best backup point guard in the league right now. Things change and if Paul does sour on playing for the Clippers, it is extremely important for the team to have a great backup plan ready to go. With Bledsoe, the team might have its point guard for the future if Paul did decide to pursue different avenues.

Paul has been playing pretty well for the Clippers this season and the wins are really starting to mount up. That could certainly convince him to sign a long-term extension with the team, especially if they are willing to give him the max-deal that just about every other team in the league would be lining up to offer.

Do you think that these LA Clippers trade rumors are officially shot down? Should the Clippers consider an Eric Bledsoe trade after Chris Paul signs a long-term extension?

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