La La Vasquez Nude on New Reality Show ‘La La’s Full Court Life’ With Carmelo?

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Will TV viewers see La La Vasquez nude on her new reality show with Carmelo Anthony? Not quite, but La La is stripping down for a few scenes of the show, to display her sexy sides to viewers.

La La and Melo’s new show called “La La’s Full Court Life” premieres at 9PM EST on VH1 Monday night. While La La won’t be completely nude, not like that would be rare on VH1 or MTV, she will be stripping down to bra and panties for a few scenes. Media Take Out recently revealed the pictures of La La playing a guitar and showing off her body to some friends in the bathroom. That could be an enticing advertisement for many viewers to watch the show.

Meanwhile, it appears La La Vasquez, the 32-year-old wife of NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony (pictured at left), wants to get into more serious acting roles. Typically she’s been a VJ for MTV, or on reality TV, including shows like “Flavor of Love,” and this new show with Melo. She may get her big break soon though. La La will be a part of the upcoming movie based on the Steve Harvey book “Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man” with many other actors.

Ironically, Vasquez commented on how tough it is for casting directors and agents to take her seriously, saying:

“It’s the most challenging thing I have to do. People just want to see things one way. When I go to these auditions, I feel like I have to prove myself 10 times over… acting is a challenge.

I have to break all these barriers. When you win a role, like the Steve Harvey role, it’s so satisfying. I teared up, and that’s not usually me.”

It may be tough to get casting directors and agents to take her seriously if she’s dancing around and strumming on a guitar in her bra and panties on a new reality show. Well maybe not, it’s worked for countless other actresses out there. Hopefully La La isn’t expecting to be in Oscar-worthy films any time soon and will settle for more of the B horror movie parts for now.

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