Labor Day: ‘President Zero’ says Congress Must Pass His Jobs Plan!

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In Detroit, President Obama says Congress must pass his Jobs Plan—or it’s their fault. He’s slated to officially unfold his plan on Thursday, but any short-term spending plans will be paid for over the long haul, he revealed in his preview this Labor Day. Republican plans tend to be “revenue neutral,” shorthand for no new taxes or corporate welfare cuts. Worlds collide? No surprise.

In front of a crowd repeatedly chanting, “Four more years!” it was easy to “sell” people—who obviously had jobs—platitudes like, “We’re going to see if we’ve got some straight shooters in Congress. We’re going to see if congressional Republicans will put country before party,” as if Congressional Democrats concurred with his agenda!

Show us what you’ve got,” the Chief Executive said, placing the blame squarely on Congress’ shoulders; as if there were not Republican Jobs Plans Congress must pass—or consider, at least. He correctly surmised roads and bridges need rebuilding—nationwide—and that over a million unemployed workers were eager to “get dirty.” That is, if those contracts aren’t all farmed out to foreign builders, like a certain bridge in Frisco.

Obama added he wants some pending trade arrangements expedited opening new markets to U.S. goods. Around the rest of the world today, markets dropped 2-5% on news of Friday’s jobs report, the most dismal since 1945! Republicans have openly mocked him as “President Zero!”

He also brandished his perennial weapon, waging “class warfare”; asking that Republicans prove they’ll fight hard for the middle class, as they do to profit oil companies and the wealthiest Americans. Another moot point guaranteed to produce much heat—but little light.

Meanwhile, although 50,000 new jobs are required each month, just to match population growth—and Friday’s net number was Zilch—the unemployment rate remained steady at 9.1%! Magic? No, it’s the nature of half-truths, damnable lies and—worst of all—statistics!

Friday’s Zero jobs news set ripples—rumors of a second recession—throughout the world! Even charismatic incumbents don’t get re-elected for a jobs performance that bad! No bill Congress must pass will erase Obama’s approval rating on the lame economy—driven by joblessness—now at a new low, 26%, according to a recent Gallup poll.

Mitt Romney, who wants Obama’s job, will outline his Jobs Plan in the swing-state of Nevada on Tuesday. He pointed out that the President, not Congress, “has failed.” Huge Federal Budget deficits—in exchange for a Zero Jobs report—simply exemplify that conclusion and are reasons why the people will understand why Congress must pass on Obama’s Jobs Plan.

Thursday, expect a sweeping plea for bipartisanship; a once-popular President humbled before a largely indifferent Congress.

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