Ladies, Set the Girls Free—Go Braless

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As girls grow into women one thing they learn is that their breasts have to be supported by a bra. But French researchers who have spent 15 years studying the breasts of over 330 French women say that going braless is best.

They discovered that wearing the breast supporting contraption does not prevent sagging or ease back pain. It was also concluded that the supporting muscles of women who went without a bar had actually strengthened and the nipples were measurably higher. Hmm, were there any women researchers in this group?

According to My Fox NY, Dr. Kerry Peterson of Lenox Hill Hospital said, “I’m skeptical of this study to be honest. The study says that the bras don’t work and that gravity really doesn’t take its toll on us, but to me, intuitively gravity would pull the breast tissue down if it’s not being adequately supported so I don’t know if I’m a convert yet.” Now that sounds like the words of a wise woman.

But are women ready to go braless? Legend has it that Marilyn Monroe wore her bra to bed each night to keep the girls high. And an owner of a bra salon says that when women wear bras they not only feel better but look better in their clothes.

It’s nice to think about not wearing a bra especially those underwire ones so maybe the French study is something to think about. But do their conclusions also include women with larger breasts?

Only women know how uncomfortable a bra can be but sometimes walking around without the support is worse especially in the hot weather, especially if you run; especially if you’re exercising; especially if you’re alive.

No, no, no, going without a bra is not an option for most women. Ladies, wear that bra outside but feel free to set the girls free when you get home.

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