Lady Gaga and Beyonce – wacky dress and boobs.

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Lady Gaga and Beyonce – wacky dress and boobs.

The 2010 Grammy awards is oggled by many just to see what the stars are wearing.  There were many lovely dresses, some really beautiful, some not so much.  I chose two of them to comment on.

Lady Gaga was heckled for the bizarre dress she wore, but she is a wacky person with a charming personality and tons of talent and only Lady Gaga could ware this dress and get away with it.  I actually liked it.  It fit her adopted bad girl/bizarre lady, public personality perfectly.

Beyonce is a very beautiful lady with talent that can’t be compared to any other.  The dress she wore for the Grammy’s is probably the ugliest rag I’ve ever seen on a celebrity.  Her designers must hate her to suggest that she should even think about wearing it.  She has the most beautiful face and figure and her voice is that of an angel but when she walked the red carpet in that horrible dress from “my grandma’s” closet with the top front missing you didn’t look at her beautiful face or think about her lovely voice all one could do was watch and wonder if her boobs would fall out, as in a wardrobe malfunction.  

I picked these two dresses to comment on because in my opinion they are the wackiest and ugliest.  What do you think?

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