Lady Gaga and Elton John Grammy performance 2010

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The 52nd annual Grammy Awards show kicked off with one of the women nominees who’s up for the most Grammy awards of the evening, simply known as Lady Gaga.  The Lady Gaga Grammy performance got a surprising sing-songy intro from a singing man in a tuxedo, then Lady Gaga popped up in a interesting set piece as part of the “Fame Factory” set up on stage.  She wore a one-piece greenish fairy type outfit with green heels.  Various dancers in similar costume frolicked around the stage during Gaga’s performance.  What came next was a big surprise, involving a duet between Lady Gaga and Elton John.

After she finished a bit of her hit song, “Poker Face”, the emcee in the tuxedo returned again to inform everyone that Gaga was a “monster” and needed to be taken away.  Another man grabbed Gaga and dropped her down a hatch which erupted in flames.  Soon after, another set piece opened up revealing a set of back-to-back pianos with Elton John as her surprise collaborative guest.  Both Elton and Gaga appeared to have smoke or ash all over their faces as if they were performing in an incinerator or furnace.  Gaga had donned some green glasses to go with her outfit, as she and Elton began to play a rowsing ballad duet on the pianos of her song “Speechless”.  The crowd erupted with cheers after the music had ended.

The Lady Gaga and Elton John Grammy performance will definitely be one of the most talked about of the night’s festivities.  Lady Gaga was also the talk of the Grammys earlier when she showed up in a very fantasy-inspired costume on the red carpet.  Read more about that here.  Gaga is one of the top 2010 Grammy nominees for the night, so she could finish off tonight’s award show big.  The always interesting entertainer already scored two awards given out prior to the show’s start.

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