Lady Gaga and Kate Middleton Top List of 2011 Halloween Costumes

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Lady Gaga and Kate Middleton will probably inspire plenty of Halloween costumes this year, so it’s no surprise that they topped ShopRunner’s list of celebrity costumes for 2011.

The online shopping program has released a list of five celebrities that have gotten tons of attention in 2011, meaning that Halloween costumes based on them will be extremely popular. So for those planning to dress up as a headline-making celeb, be sure to get ultra-creative with your costume.

Of course Mama Monster tops the list, which is really no surprise. Since she has a tendency to dress like it is Halloween every day, Lady Gaga makes a great icon to imitate on Halloween. Plus she has so many looks to choose from — there’s her new Yuyi the mermaid character, her male alter-ego Jo Calderone, her infamous meat dress, her “Judas” biker babe look, her naughty nun outfit, and so many more.

Lady GAGA, GMA Concert,The next celebs on ShopRunner’s list aren’t quite as interesting, but since the royal wedding was a historical event, you can bet that Prince William and Kate Middleton costumes will be hot this year (girls do like dressing like princess, after all, and Kate is the real deal). Homemade versions of Will’s red Irish Guards uniform will probably be hot, but mimicking Kate’s wedding dress could get expensive. Fortunately a brown wig, homemade fascinator, plain black pumps, and a nice dress should do the trick (a gal pal could wear something similar and go as Pippa Middleton).

Katy Perry is number three on ShopRunner’s list, probably because she has a closet full of crazy costumes just like Lady Gaga. Her sugar-inspired tops decorated like Hershey’s Kisses, cupcakes, and whipped cream cans might be hard to imitate, but they certainly make fun and sexy Halloween costume ideas. One great idea that would be new for 2011 would be to imitate one of her crazy 80s looks from her “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” video.

Charlie Sheen is fourth on the list. All it would take to pull of his look is the right hair and a shirt like those he used to wear on “Two and a Half Men.” However, it would be more fun to dress up like one of his made-up characters: the warlock or “Vatican assassin” version of Charlie Sheen. He also makes a great choice for couples, because a girl could dress up like a goddess or a sexy tiger (a.k.a. Charlie’s blood donor).

Kim Kardashian finished at the bottom of the list, but there will probably still be tons of Halloween costumes inspired by the extremely popular reality show star. All it takes to pull off her look is tons of makeup, fake eyelashes, a tight, short dress, and some serious butt padding. A giant fake diamond ring and tall Taylor Lautner lookalike would complete the costume.

It’s kind of surprising that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, Nicki Minaj, and Nancy Grace and Casey Anthony didn’t make the list, but they might make great options for those looking for Halloween costumes based on celebrities that aren’t going to be everywhere.

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