Lady Gaga and Madonna Are Related

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Could Lady Gaga and Madonna share some kind of special gene that has helped them both become pop music queens?

Well, there probably isn’t any such thing as a gene that carries a love of using Catholic imagery in music videos and dressing in crazy clothes, but Gaga and Madonna are related. According to a genealogist, the ambitious blondes with millions of fans are very distant cousins (ninth cousins once removed, to be exact).

Madonna in 2010So it seems that the two share more in common than the similar-sounding songs “Express Yourself” and “Born This Way” and their love of using crosses for fashion accessories — they also have some common ancestors (some of which had to be devout divas!).

And perhaps it’s fitting that Lady Gaga is releasing her songs from the album “Born This Way” on FarmVille — the ancestors that connect her and Madonna as cousins are a farming couple that came to Quebec from France in the 1600s (so maybe she feels a special connect to sheep as well as motorcycles).

But Gaga isn’t the only blonde artist with a wild sense of style that Madonna is related to — she also shares ancestry with Gwen Stefani. The No Doubt frontwoman’s singing style might not be as similar to Madonna’s as Lady Gaga’s is, but she used to also draw comparisons to the material girl because of her fun and funky fashion sense and platinum locks.

So will Lady Gaga be happy to know that she’s a distant cousin of Madonna, or will the connection make her even more exasperated over the constant Madonna comparisons she’s currently dealing with? It’s hard to say how the unpredictable star will handle the news, but when it comes to a connection through ancestry, there’s not much she can do — Lady Gaga and Madonna were simply “Born This Way.”

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