Lady Gaga: Before the Fame Monster

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Lady Gaga’s immense fame seems to have happened over night, but Little Monsters know her journey to fame was long and hard. In a new series of pictures, fans get a glimpse at Stefani Germanotta, before the Fame Monster took over.

Stefani or as the world knows her today, Lady Gaga, has always loved music and these never-before-seen pictures echo that. Six years ago, Malgortzara Saniewska met Gaga in a New York restaurant. Saniewska was an aspiring photographer who jumped at the chance to photograph the 19-year-old Stefani. Saniewska says, “Based on her looks and her personality, I thought (a photo shoot) would be great fun.”

The black-and-white pictures were taken at Stefani’s parents’ home. Saniewska wanted to capture Gaga in her element, “I knew she was a singer, so our focus was her and her very first piano.” Saniewska says, “We just hung out in her parents’ living room, and the piano was right by the window.”

Out of more than 200 pictures taken, the photographer has only released 15, which you can see here. According to Saniewska, the “Born This Way” singer gave her blessing to share the pictures with the public. The pictures show a muted, dark-haired Gaga in various poses with her Baby Grand piano. Even back then, Gaga knew how to turn on the sex appeal. She sports a tiny dress that shows lots of cleavage and leg. Her penchant for high heels can also be witnessed in the artistic photos.

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