Lady Gaga Beyonce Telephone Too Vulgar For TV! [VIDEO]

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Lady Gaga’s Telephone video premiered on E! News on Thursday night. Unfortunately, not all TV channels would air the clip. Even MTV hasn’t aired Telephone because it is so sex filled and vulgar.

The Telephone video starts in a prison. Lady Gaga is being escorted to her cell while scantily clad women in cells look on provocatively. The guards then strip Gaga, and she has only ripped stockings and tiny electrical tape covering her nipples. Between her legs is blurred out, but the guards make reference to the fact that Lady Gaga doesn’t have a d%ck. This is just the first scene, and already I can see why some stations won’t air it.

After that, Gaga has on a pair of cigarette filled smoking glasses while kissing another woman inmate in the prison yard. The, Gaga gets a telephone call – surprise, Beyonce comes to bail her out of jail. Once in the car, Beyonce berates Lady Gaga for being a ‘bad girl.’

Then, Lady Gaga and Beyonce end up in a roadside diner. In the diner, Beyonce flashes her breasts at a male. After that, the two poison his food leaving him dead. In fact, everyone in the entire diner has been poisoned.

Finally, the two make off in the ‘Pussy Wagon’ which they borrowed from Quentin Tarantino. As they are driving away Thelma and Louise style we are left with a To Be Continued. . . .

What do you think? Did they push the envelope too far? Was this video good in the way that Michael Jackson’s Thriller was good? I think it was mostly about sex from what I could see. I don’t like Telephone as much as some of Lady Gaga’s previous songs. What do you think?

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