Lady Gaga Bodyguard Slams Clueless ‘Fan’ (Video)

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A clueless fan, or a madman, tried to get too close to Lady Gaga as she was leaving her hotel in Bucharest last week. That’s when the pop star’s bodyguards earned their pay and slammed the idiot to the floor before spiriting G out the door.

The incident was captured on video by another fan in the lobby and it’s a very revealing glimpse into the downside of fame.

As she exits the lobby, to some spontaneous applause, immaculately dressed in a rather conventional (for her) party dress and blonde wig, the diminutive songstress acknowledges the attention with a sweet smile and a little wave.

Suddenly, a burly man bursts from the revolving door entryway and lunges for Lady Gaga, pen and paper in hand, and uttering an unintelligible shout.

One of the gigantic bodyguards flanking her exit slams the buffoon to the floor and pins him there as G is hurried by another bodyguard to the street exit, where a mob of more respectful fans await.

There is a look on her face for an instant that, despite the large, dark glasses shielding her eyes, shows real fear.

Stars are often forced to mingle with the general public moving from hotel to limo to stage and it’s those moments when they’re at their most vulnerable.

The camera follows G to the street, momentarily forgetting the clueless autograph hound. Panning back a moment later, the man gets up and exits through the revolving door, back into a life of obscurity, though eyed carefully by hotel employees.

It was a scary scene and, possibly, happens all too often. It’s good to know G’s bodyguards are ready at a moment’s notice, seemingly with eyes in the backs of their heads, alerted to sudden suspicious movement and ready to act.

John Lennon could have used a few guys like that.

Here’s the video:

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