Lady Gaga, Calvin Harris and Madonna: The Collaborator Triangle and Jazz Music

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Lady Gaga loves New York but hates it ‘when people talk s–t about Lady Gaga,’ especially if those people are claiming to have turned down the opportunity to collaborate with the pop music star.

But isn’t that what she did to Madonna, the pop icon before her reign?

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Regardless of the fact that Gaga turned down a collaboration effort by the other one with blond ambition, she didn’t like having Calvin Harris talk publicly about something she claims she didn’t even know: that her label emailed him and asked for his collaboration.

Harris welcomed the chance to set the record straight, telling the pop diva that “no, your label emailed me,” when she zipped off a hateful retort about not asking him for help. He also sought to ruffle any feathers with a songstress he might actually choose to work with one day, saying, “I always make sure I say I’m a fan when asked about it, I apologize if I offended u, wasn’t the intention.”

Gaga quickly backtracked the anger and prideful retorts once she realized that Harris was offering an olive branch.

The Monster Ball mama continues to dominate the pop music industry news regardless, but according to the New Zealand Herald her next goal has nothing to do with it, as she wants to collaborate again with Tony Bennett on some jazz music.

Collaborate, collaborate, collaborate. Doesn’t any artist do anything by themselves anymore?

Look for Madonna to start moving in that jazz direction too since it is now out that her younger replacement is going in that direction. It’s a follow-the-leader kind of world now. And at least if Madonna does start singing jazz it’s likely she’ll also start wearing more than her school girl costumes brought out for the MDNA tour. That’s because jazz singers dress it up more, thankfully. And the Gaga role model will be less likely to go around calling Obama a black Muslim in the White House or trying to tell her fans who to vote for if she gets a new challenge.

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