Lady Gaga Causes Controversy by Using Twitter Contest to Try to Take Down Katy Perry

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Lady Gaga has caused controversy yet again, and this has nothing to do with the singer plagiarizing Madonna or getting naked — she simply encouraged her fans to purchase “Applause” on iTunes.

Lady Gaga (8514706922)However, it’s the way that Mama Monster went about doing this that is causing a minor music scandal. According to Digital Spy, Gaga tried to get her Little Monsters to buy multiple copies of her latest single by holding a Twitter contest, with the prize being a chance to meet the singer at the iTunes Festival in London. Gaga most likely did this because she wants to take down pop rival Katy Perry, who is currently topping the iTunes chart with her song “Roar.” The pop stars are also competing for high spots on next week’s Billboard charts.

This is Lady Gaga’s tweet that caused the controversy:

“The 2 fans w the most purchase/gift screenshots, radio requests, ‘Applause’ selfies/video, will fly international to meet me+watch the show!”

Some fans complained about money being involved in the contest, but Gaga tried to validate her plan to score more “Applause” purchases by pointing out that radio requests and creative videos also counted. So hopefully none of her fans went broke trying to score a chance to meet their idol.

Despite Gaga’s efforts, right now Katy Perry still has the edge in this big pop star battle, and it’s possible that the singer will continue to top Gaga on the iTunes and Billboard charts. So if Mama Monster wants to find some other way to silence Katy’s roar, then what can she do?

Well, both ladies are going to be performing at the MTV VMAs, so Gaga could do what she does best by putting on a show that dominates the headlines the next day — remember when she transformed into her male alter ego Jo Calderone or when she killed herself onstage? She can also use her love of wearing multiple crazy costumes to steal the spotlight from Perry.

So here’s an interesting question that goes beyond this music chart battle and the VMAs: Do you think that one pop diva’s career will last longer? If so, do you think that the world will still be talking about Perry or Gaga a decade from now?

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