Lady Gaga celebrity diet confessions may help other skinny star celebs

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Pop music icon Lady Gaga has come out of closet, so to speak, wearing her phat pants. After confessing her struggles with celebrity diet rituals and routines, Mother Monster may in fact have the power to change how media moguls set the health and fitness standards for star celebs.

During an interview with MTV, Susie Roman (director of programs at the National Eating Disorders Association) opined, “I think when you have such a huge fan base, [like Gaga and] a lot of these celebrities do, they have the opportunity to provide much-needed education about the seriousness of eating disorders and encourage those to get help…”

She further asserted, “Recovery is possible from an eating disorder, and there absolutely is help available.” By doing so, she implied that Gaga’s willingness to start a dialogue between celebrities about weight loss [and conversely weight gain] was likely to have a huge impact on Hollywood social circles.

Why? Because famous men and women both would have the perfect chance with fully focused media support to make similar confessions about their own lifestyles and Hollywood-inspired eating disorders in such a way that may prove cathartic.

Lady Gaga signatureWhile critics have ridiculed her for coming out on stage scantily clad and showing off her new, more curvaceous figure, her true fan base appears to be getting the message. Fat does not have to mean failure when it comes to having stage presence.

Just look at all rival singer Christina Aguilera [of “The Voice”] has been able to do professionally and personally since embracing her new thick girl form. Hot or not, she has won the hearts of fans and common-folk admirers around the world.

Gaga going grande may serve to increase her popularity among “A-Listers” tired of starving themselves to compete with everyone else on the Hollywood thin-is-in roster board. It also is one more way for her to get real, giving her the opportunity to connect on an even more personal level that she already since her campaigns to end bullying and accept gay and lesbian culture than she already has.

What do you think, readers? Does Lady Gaga’s fat make her look phat?

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