Lady Gaga Channels Marge Simpson To Hide Her Lupus Symptoms?

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Lady Gaga looked really weird when she showed up for a recent press conference in Singapore. Of course, for the Judas singer that’s just par for the course. The Poker Faced One has never shied away from standing out in a crowd. In fact, she’s almost made a religion of it. So when she appeared sporting Marge Simpson’s towering blue beehive hairdo, it wasn’t all that shocking. What caused onlookers heads to whiplash in her direction was the fact that the Born This Way star was…well, all covered up. And she wasn’t cloaked in bubbles, meat, soggy cigars, or desiccated dog poop. Au contraire, except for her “ridiculously high heels,” she was dressed quite conservatively.

Yes, Lady Gaga greeted the media in Singapore, clad in a “very lady- like beige dress that covered her arms and upper half completely…a pair of white gloves and large round sunglasses that resembled Marge’s round eyes…” Yikes. Marge Simpson often wore gloves. Is Lady Gaga finally morphing into an even more cartoonish character than she has been all along?

That’s probably not possible. Plus, there might be another explanation for her “demure” attire.

Last year, Gaga revealed that she was “borderline positive” for Lupus. Fortunately, she has not yet showed visible signs of the disease. However, her biographer Ian Halperin, has revealed that:

“Part of the reason she wears wigs and make-up is because her hair is falling out….she’s covered in red blotches.”

Hair loss and ugly skin rashes are symptoms of Lupus, a disease that “causes the immune system to attack healthy tissues…” Hence Gaga’s almost matronly Marge Simpson get up was designed to hide the visible signs of the encroaching disease while at the same time maintaining the eccentric pop star persona.

Poor Lady Gaga. If her disease is indeed manifesting symptoms, kudos to her for continuing to perform on her Monster’s Ball Tour despite her condition.

You go Gaga. Feel better.

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