Lady Gaga Chases Madonna All the Way to London

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Once again, Lady Gaga has proved she doesn’t have an original bone in her body. The über-famous pop star/impersonator–er–provocateur is moving to London. And not just anyplace in London; the lady is moving to a neighborhood right down the street from Madonna. How predictable–er–precious.

Poor Lady Gaga. Over a gazillion Twitter followers and yet, poor little Stefani Germanotta can’t stop chasing Madonna. This time, she’s even crossing an ocean to do it. After years of couch surfing and holing up in hotels, the Mother Monster has finally bought a house. In London. She claims she got tired of staying in hotels when she visits the UK so she decided to purchase a flat. And it’s a very nice flat. The building where Gaga will reside boasts “a modern concrete exterior, floor to ceiling windows, four luxury penthouses, a roof garden and a communal courtyard.” Sounds great doesn’t it? And for Lady Gaga, there’s an additional attraction. Madonna used to own a townhouse in the same area. No! Imagine, Lady Gaga buying a flat in the same area where Madonna used to live. What a coincidence. Who would have ‘thunk” it?

The real mystery is: Why does Gaga still bother to chase Madonna? Obviously, the Material Girl can’t stand the meat wearer. And who can blame her? Who in their right mind would relish being incessantly shadowed by a cartoonish doppelgänger intent on altering, repackaging, and profiting from your work. Poor Madonna. It’s hard to tell who’s the worse thorn in her side–the Mother Monster or Elton John.

Oh well, here’s hoping Lady Gaga enjoys her new Madonna-adjacent flat. Wonder why she didn’t just buy the one Madge used to own?

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